Frequently asked questions

Will there be an opportunity for me to ask questions?

Yes, this workshop is centered around attendees’ questions. We make sure you have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers for your specific situation.

Can I buy a plan at this workshop?

No, we do not sell anything at this workshop. The event is purely educational. When you are ready to buy a plan or compare your current plan with a Medicare plan, we will schedule a one-on-one appointment for you with an agent.

Will I have a chance to speak one on one with the agent at this workshop?

We do usually have just a few minutes after the workshop ends, but it is always best to schedule an appointment after attending the workshop. This can easily be done by calling our office. Or just mark on your comment card that you still have more questions, and an agent will call you.

How long does this workshop last?

We like to keep it around an hour and a half. But this can vary depending on the questions asked in that night’s workshop. We try to be mindful of everyone’s time, but also try to answer all of the group’s questions. We want you to go home with an understanding of how Medicare will work for YOU!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, just come prepared to learn. We even provide you with a notepad and pen to take notes.